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DEH-YEY announce
Split Vinyl EP with Gravves on
Restless Bear Records. Out: 18/10/2019

final deh yey single

A Matter of Life & Likes
Out 18/10/2019

Danephesians 4:31 Out 13/09/2019

A Matter of Life & Like's Out 18/10/19




Fuzz-throttled guitars and big beats litter the songs of Deh-Yey, a monstrous two piece band from the northern city of Chester. Last year’s single ‘Death and Politics’ saw the band tackling US gun culture whilst they established a local fan base, before playing further afield and gathering momentum along the way.

Danephesians 4:31

Packing a riff-led punch, their latest single ‘Danephesians 4:31’ is a tongue in cheek account of a familiar biblical story, with a twist. ‘I wanted to simplify religion and recreate the story of Jesus through my childish brain mind,’ explains guitarist/vocalist Cash Burns. ‘Imagine it now – Jesus on the Jeremy Kyle show. Looking for answers about who his father is and how his mother conceived him whilst keeping the proud title of a Virgin.’ For this band, poking fun at the status quo through hooked vocals is sure to see them turn some heads at gigs and festivals.

A Matter of Life & Likes

A Matter of Life and Likes: A bitter view on social media and spending too much time on your phone. This song was written in spite of those who go to a gig and film the whole thing on their phone’s, I understand re-living the moment but I prefer to do it in my head. How can you fully immerse yourself into something if you are watching it through a screen or are worrying about getting the right angles? Fuck that.


Restless Bear Records have made Deh-Yey their first signing which also now Boasts Gravves & Yammerer.

 It’s their first Vinyl release and we are proud to welcome them to the roster. They embody everything we have been looking for our artists. As Humans they are as hilarious, driven and wild as the sounds they create.

  We feel the Punk Rock fans will love it, the Garage rock fans will embrace it, Post Punk Fans will dig it. It’s for fans that enjoy mayhem & energy mixed with a lot of lyrical content based around unusual & controversial themes.  It’s a real thrill ride that doesn’t let up.




FOR FANS OF – Future of the Left, USA Nails, Drenge, The Wytches, Queens of the Stone Age



There’s a whole breadth of influences on show here: Nirvana, Queens Of The Stone Age and early Arctic Monkeys to boot. It makes for an interesting mix as this duo create a sound that’ll grab you by the throat and scream down your ear-lugs. With tracks as strong as this all that’s left to say is that I reckon they’re one hell of a live unit.
Peter Guy "GiT"
Fixated on building their sound layer by layer, one powerful guitar and a drum kit, guitarist Cash Burns amps up the crowd in St. Mary’s, urging them into full throttle carnage through tracks like This Modern Age and Brand-New Shirt. Expressive drummer Tom Maude looks undisturbed in his focus to deliver a paramount set. After only a few songs, it’s clear that Deh-Yey have the edge. Making their unforgettable mark on the evening with a raw and carnal version of Tainted Love, they maintain the rooted and visceral punch of a five-piece throughout.
Brit Williams Bido Lito
Tom attacks his drum kit like a demon, generating pulse-pounding, speaker-blowing power that penetrates all the way to our inner core. Cash sings the biting lyrics with an arresting authority, and together their soaring harmonies in the chorus are superb. It all makes for a phenomenal track.
Eclectic Music Lovers


11th October / Phase One / Manchester

19th October / Vinyl Launch / St Mary’s Church / Chester

9th November / Retro Bar / Manchester

28th December / Sound / Liverpool 


Previous Show dates:
2nd Mar  2018/ UK / Leeds / Verve Bar

22nd May  2018/ UK / Manchester / Jimmy’s

5th AUG 2018 / UK / Liverpool / Parr Street
6th OCT 2018 / UK / Manchester / AATMA

24th NOV 2018 / UK / Chester / St Mary’s Church

7th DEC 2018 / Chester / with ’Sweet Deals on Surgery

18th JAN 2019 / Chester / Telfords Warehouse

16th Feb 2019/ UK / Manchester / Castle Hotel

26th May 2019 / UK / Chester / Alexanders Live & Local

5th July 2019 / Chester / with SPQR & Yammerer ,Chester Deaf Centre

20th July 2019 / Liverpool / Supporting Membranes

10th August 2019 / Chester / Alexanders


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